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Saturday, Aug 29, 2015
Bell Street Park
4-8pm, $15/person

Fundraiser with KGB

Waltz and More!

August Bands

Tuesday, August 4

Kevin Buster's Lunch Money | Blues, 6-9:30pm in Westlake Park

Kevin Buster's Lunch Money, one of the hottest Blues/Jazz bands around. Kevin's band brings out the best in the creative dancer's heart with a jazziness that inspires. This band is as fun to listen to as to dance to with tunes that stretch from earthy Blues to Rhythm & Blues to Big Band Swing.

Beginning Blues lesson with Kevin Buster / seattleswingdancesociety
Kevin Buster has been dancing for 13 years.He has studied with original master Savoy swing dancers like: Frank Manning, Norma Miller, Sugar Sullivan and Dawn Hampton and also with master swing dancer Lennart Westerlund (leader of the Rhythm Hotshots and Harlem Hotshots). Kevin has been studying the relationship of Swing, Tap, and African dancing. His study has taken him to Guinea West Africa to learn from Grand Master Sorell and Youssouf Kombassa both of Les Ballets Africains. Kevin Has been studying tap dance for 6 years. He is also a saxophone, flute, and clarinetist. He plays swing, blues, and jazz music with various local bands. Kevin's strong musicality, patience and improvisational ability ensure fun and exciting classes for all dancers regardless of ability.

Thursday, August 6

Little Bill and the Blue Notes | Blues and Swing, 6-9:30pm in Freeway Park

While the Blue Notes might be either musical sounds or bandmembers, the Little Bill in this case is Bill Englehart, also known as Washington's "Ambassador of Bass Guitar." His style ranges from the type of slide guitar pieces associated with early country blues to sophisticated, romantic R&B balladry. Englehart has had a long stretch to develop these concepts, having kept a group together under the name of Little Bill & the Blue Notes since 1956. Prior to that, it was the 1955 Tacoma Blue Notes, pinning down the exact part of Washington a bit more precisely. Younger players who have towered overLittle Bill on the bandstand include an organist, Dick Powell, who is of no relation to the movie matinee idol of old; guitarist Billy Stapleton; and drummer Bill Barner.

Beginning Blues lesson with Lilli Ann and Claire Carey /
Lilli Ann Carey began partner dancing with Living Traditions/Northwest Dance Network in the 1990's, where the draw of instruction, music, dance and community made her a complete convert. She loves to dance almost anything, but focuses her teaching on Waltz, Swing variations, Zydeco, Polka, Foxtrot, One-Step/Blues, Fusion and a few vintage dance forms. Lilli Ann promotes dance through classes, workshops and events through her company, Dance For Joy!. She also coordinates the highly successful Dancing 'til Dusk program for Seattle Parks and Recreation during the summer, which attracts hundreds of dancers (and soon to be dancers) each night. Lilli Ann has has taught in Vancouver BC, Juneau,Alaska, D.C., Baltimore, Atlanta, in the Bay area and in Portland. Her creativity, love of the connected and playful dance and innovation has brought her recognition and an ongoing and excited student base.

Claire Carey started learning East Coast Swing at age 7, and quickly realized dance was a place she could be totally herself. Now 22, she can be seen out dancing West Coast Swing and Fusion most nights of the week. Claire also loves to dance Cross Step Waltz, Turning Waltz, Lindy Hop, Nightclub Two-Step, and Salsa. She is passionate about helping anyone who wants to learn and experience the joy of partner dance, whether from the middle in classes, at a turning point in private lessons, or from the sidelines of a dance. Although Claire is a technician through and through, she always brings her abundant joy and idiosyncratic nature into the room.

Tuesday August 11

Solomon Douglas Swingtet | Swing

Solomon Douglas is a jazz pianist and bandleader, whose various bands have played at more than fifty swing dance events in North America, Asia, and Australia in the past ten years. His experience as a swing dancer and dance instructor gives him an understanding of the music that swing dancers like to dance to!

The Solomon Douglas Quintet's repertoire is rooted in the sounds of the Basie and Ellington bands, with other big-band standards and classic jazz tunes thrown in: up-tempo classic swing, slower groovier jazz, and anything in between.

Beginning Swing lesson with Solomon Douglas /
As a band leader one of the most repeated and sought swing bands in the U.S. and a skilled dancer and instructor, Solomon Douglas understands the love of the dancer. His lessons are clear, gentle and thorough, giving both the new and more experienced dancer a feeling of confidence and ability. With a smooth graceful style, he is a joy to watch and learn from.

Thursday August 13

A Hot Louisiana Night with Swamp Soul and DJ Sean "Gatorboy" Donovan | Zydeco and Cajun, 6-9:30pm in Freeway Park

Local Zydeco and Cajun Live Band Swamp Soul will tag team in sets throughout the evening with DJ Gatorboy for that perfect mix of live entertainment and straight from Louisiana hits. Pull out your jeans and boots and come out for this Hot Louisiana night!

Swamp Soul performs dance music from Southwest Louisiana, a mixture of French, blues, Cajun and Zydeco music that moves dancers around the world. Many of us have travelled extensively in Louisiana, learning tunes and style from Louisiana musicians so we could create a dance groove that excites the feet. We have a monthly dance at the Highliner Pub in Ballard, and can be seen around the Puget Sound area at music festivals, farmer's markets and other dance venues.

Beginning Zydeco 2-step lesson by Sean Donovan |
Sean Donovan combines passion for music and dance with his great love of teaching to provide joyful, exciting dance classes for all skill levels. Positive and playful, Sean is a creative and highly effective communicator, with intuitive movement awareness and a focus on the vital power of dance to delight and transform us. A professional instructor and DJ since 1999, Sean teaches partner dance nationally as well as year-round in Seattle, and has been on faculty with Northwest Dance Network, since 2004. In addition to Swing (his first love) and Zydeco (a profound connection prompting numerous expeditions to Louisiana and Texas), Sean revels in teaching Blues, Waltz, Whiskey River Jitterbug, Country Two-step, Cha Cha Cha and more. A professional DJ as well, Sean produces dances, provides music for special events and can be heard hosting live radio on KBCS 91.3 FM. Contact Sean about private or group lessons.

Tuesday, August 18

Jessica Lynne and the Cousins | Country & Western, 6-9:30pm in Westlake Park

Sometimes authentic country music artists do not grow up in what we would consider hotbeds of country music. Sometimes they grow up in Haslev, Denmark, the native town of current Seattle resident, Jessica Lynne, a sensational and rising country star and London Tone Music's latest signing.

Making the move from Haslev to Seattle a few years ago was actually not as strange a transition as it seems. Jessica wasted no time adjusting to both the physical landscape, which had many elements similar to Denmark, but to the musical landscape, as well. Her great songwriting and singing talent combined with her drive, focus, warmth and friendliness, made her not only an instant favorite with the country music promoters and clubs in the greater Seattle area, but also with other musicians in town. Jessica loves to write and play music so much that she is known to play almost every night of the week somewhere, sometimes as the headliner, other times as support for her many musical friends.

In 2011, buoyed by her belief in her original material and a successful Kickstarter campaign, Jessica released Spiritual Cowgirl, a four-song collection her growing fan base loved. She followed that up in 2013 with a single, "Mississippi in July," and an award-winning video of the song recorded at Seattle's Columbia City Theater with her band, The Cousins.

In February of 2014, she was chosen to fly to Nashville to audition for The Voice. Being in Nashville for the first time was something Jessica took full advantage of, soaking it all in, hearing music and feeling, as you can imagine, very much at home. As one recent review put it, "There is an undeniable purity in Lynne's vocals and a warm tone that really draws a listener into her songs. Comparisons to Trisha Yearwood and Tanya Tucker are appropriate. Featuring a vocal reminiscent of Dolly Parton, Lynne's control and tone are remarkable. Lynne puts some great energy into the vocals and the payoff is a modern country rocker that would fit well on country radio alongside Carrie Underwood or Miranda Lambert." Don't miss this outstanding night.

Beginning Country Western 2-step lesson by Robb Bryan | Seattle West Coast Swing Dancers on Facebook
Robb says he has had a love for music all his life, and was even working on a music major once upon a time. Later, he found another great outlet for music when he started dancing Country Western, and then West Coast Swing, in 1993. He's competed nationally in both Country and West Coast Swing and taught both in the Seattle area since the late 90′s. He started DJ-ing around 2004 and loves watching dancers respond to his music almost as much as dancing to it. Working by day as a mild-mannered IT guy, and by night as a DJ, dance instructor, and social dancer affords him little time for much else including sleep, but the love of music, dancing, and of the dancers themselves, keeps him going.

You'll find Robb DJ-ing WCS every other Tuesday night at the Century Ballroom, teaching and DJ-ing WCS at China Harbor Restaurant on Thursday nights, teaching and DJ-ing Country Western at his own Country dances held on 2nd and 4th Friday nights at the Hayloft in Lynnwood, and teaching and DJ-ing WCS at some of the 1st-&-3rd Sunday dances held by the Seattle Swing Dance Club.

Thursday, August 20

Valse Café Orchestra | Waltz, Swing, Foxtrot, Polka (It's a Ball Rouge, wear something Red!), 6-9:30pm in Freeway Park

The idea of a "café" orchestra appeared more then a hundred and fifty years ago in Imperial Vienna, and the Valse Café Orchestra has brought this good idea into the 21st Century: a small, nimble ensemble that can play like its big-cousin symphony orchestras — when it wants to — or shrink to a trio or a quartet when the mood is intimate. Performing post-modern renditions of dance-hall classics, this ensemble's repertoire celebrates a mélange of bygone eras and cultures: Paris in the thirties. Habsburg Vienna. Yiddish melancholy. Gypsy romance. Ragtime Manhattan. The milongas of Buenas Aires — all connected by the mesmerizing cadence of waltz and the exuberant syncopation of swing. Perfect for dancers and other romantics.

Beginner's Waltz lesson, Instructor TBD

Thursday, August 27

DJ Chris Jones | West Coast Swing, 6-9:30pm in Bell Street Park

Chris Jones heralding from Portland, OR, is one of the most sought after DJs both locally and at West Coast Swing conventions in the region. A judge and exceptional dancer in his own right, he really gets the mix to keep dancers on the floor. As one dancer said, "he plays music you just have to dance to."

Beginner's West Coast Swing lesson, Instructor TBD

Saturday, August 29 — A Dancing til Dusk Fundraiser Celebration

KGB/DJ Carey | Waltz, Swing, Foxtrot, Polka, Tango, Blues
(It's a Ball Blanc, wear something White!)
4-8pm in Bell Street Park $15/person

Come out for an afternoon and evening dance to support this amazing Dancing til Dusk dance series.

KGB from 4-6:30pm — No security clearances are required to enjoy KGB. With fiddle, mandolin, guitar and piano, KGB creates subversive music lulling the unwary with traditional New England Contra dance tunes, then jumping off into Balkan modalities, Tango riffs and bluesy jigs. KGB's extraordinary waltzes captivate dancers song after song, each melody more delightful or exquisite than the last. Delight in the magic of swirling dancers as the sun sinks into the evening.

DJ Carey from 6:30-8pm — Lilli Ann, known for an awesome music collection, will roll out exquisite waltzes, dynamic East and West Coast Swings, Foxtrot, Blues, Tango, Polka and Latin.

Be prepared for a final afternoon and evening of the best dancing! The event is $15 per person, but you may donate more and receive a receipt for your taxes!

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