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A wide variety of people learning to dance at Dance for Joy

Dance for Joy! offers great dance instruction in a great environment!

We teach solid skills in Waltz, East-Coast Swing, Foxtrot, Blues and other dance styles that connect you to your partner and to the music while you're both having fun. You learn as you play!

This Fall Lilli Ann and Claire collaborate with NWDance for their classes! You’ll find them at the Swedish Club on Dexter on Thursday nights! Their classes page is at:, series-classes

Fall Session

September 7 – October 5

Different moves each session!

Swedish Cultural Center, 1920 Dexter Avenue North, Seattle, WA 98109

Instructors: Lilli Ann Carey and Claire Carey

Beginning Waltz

7:00 – 8:10pm

When first created in the 1800's waltz was considered sinful and a forbidden dance! Today it is perhaps the most romantic dance. Gliding, twirling, almost floating, it is a great way to enjoy a true partner connection. At almost every type of dance — swing, contra, zydeco, Scandinavian, etc. they will play some waltzes And you’ll want to be in-the-know! Prerequisite: None.

Intro to West Coast Swing

8:15- 9:25pm

West Coast Swing Crash Course: One of the hottest styles on the social floor, this dance is full of dynamic motion and creative play. We will teach you basic patterns and build on those moves so that you can enjoy a 3 minute dance. We will explore a different kind of communication where energy is at the core of connection, and how these elements allow for incredibly gentle, but truly exciting variations. Prerequisites: Having some partner dance experience is helpful.


October 12 – November 16

Different moves each session!

Swedish Cultural Center, 1920 Dexter Avenue North, Seattle, WA 98109

Instructors: Lilli Ann Carey and Claire Carey

Swing 2.5: Break it up, Shake it up!

7:00 – 8:10pm

Move beyond basic patterns that you have learned in Swing 2 by breaking rhythm, extending patterns, or breaking into co-operative play. Shake it up with some new footwork, and by dropping, adding or changing the rock step or second triple. It’s a brave and wholly fun new world! Prerequisite: Cconfidence with swing 1 material and at least 1 swing 2 class

Waltz 2: Versatile Waltz

8:15- 9:25pm

There is such a variety of waltz music, and that’s the good news! But it’s not always easy to figure out what to do to what kind of music. In this class we will explore some reliable moves and patterns for a variety of tempos, giving you confidence and flair! Prerequisites: Waltz 1.


Sunday 2-Hour Workshops, September–November

Swedish Cultural Center, 1920 Dexter Avenue North, Seattle, WA 98109

Instructors: Lilli Ann Carey and Claire Carey

Individual workshops are $25 each if you preregister, or $30 at the door.

Sunday, Sept 10: Swing Into One-Step — 6:00–8:00pm

Lilli Ann Carey and Nancy Fry

There is a glorious happy place where triple-time swing is just a bit slower allowing for a a creative mixing of swing to one-step and back again. This allows you and your partner to travel in style around the dance floor in one-step and then tuck into the crowd and do some swing. Learn those invaluable tricks to move from one to the next as well as grounding yourself in some way-fun one-step moves. Prerequisite: Confidence with Beginning Swing basics.

Sunday, Nov 12th: Intro to Cross-step Waltz — 6:00–8:00pm

Lilli Ann and Claire Carey

We'll explore the early 20th century Waltz form called Cross-Step that is danced all up and down the West Coast and beyond. This variation is particularly beautiful for slower tunes and will add a delightful flowing, playful style to your repertoire. Prerequisite: Experience in Intermediate Waltz. To see an example of basic and more advanced cross-step waltz, go here: Lilli Ann and Claire Demo Cross-step Waltz
Prerequisite: Experience in Intermediate Waltz.

See individual workshop descriptions, prerequisites and register here:


Class Locations

Swedish Club

1920 Dexter Ave N, Seattle, WA
Swedish Club
Parking: There's parking in their lot if you're early, or on the street.


Salsa con Todo, 211 North 36th St, Seattle 98103 (At the Center of the Universe, Fremont)
Take 99 to the N 46th Street exit and go west (towards Ballard). Take a left on Fremont Anevue N. Go down the hill and take a left on 36th Street just before the Fremont Bridge. Salsa con Todo is on your left in the first block.


Exit Space Dance (East Studio), 414 NE 72nd Street, Seattle
Directions: N 50th Street Exit from I-5, north on East Greenlake Way N, West on NE 72nd St.
Park on street or in lots. Currently, parking on 5th Ave NE is still free all day. After 6pm, metered areas are free.

Private Lessons

If you need to get up-to-speed for that upcoming wedding or class reunion, quickly improve specific skills, or don't see the right class for you, private lessons are the answer! go to our Registration page, e-mail Lilli Ann, or call her at 206-264-5646 to find out more!


New to dance or new to Dance for Joy? Not sure if this is for you? If you are a new student, you may try your first class session for 1/2 price, or 2 people for the price of one if you'd like to bring a friend. Or you may try the first night of the class only for just $5! See our Registration page.

Where are the classes? See locations at left for directions and parking.

What shoes and clothes do I wear? Clean, non-marking low heeled or flat soled shoes are best. All dance spaces have beautiful floors and we are committed to keeping them that way — please wipe off the bottom of your shoes before walking in. Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in — most people dress casually.

Missing classes? Going to miss a couple of classes due to vacation or work and know this before the class session begins? Class pro-rations are taken on a case-by-case basis. If you miss a class during the session, arrive a bit early the next week and we will catch you up. We also usually review the previous weeks material in the first part of class and review all material on the final day of class.

What are the advantages of registering early? For all classes, please register early — space is limited, and we seek to balance roles (relatively equal number of leads and follows) and will wait-list if necessary to maintain that balance.

Other questions? email or call 206-264-5646

Dance for Joy classes in Portland

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