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Partner Dance Instruction in Waltz, Swing, and Blues in Seattle and Around the U.S.

It is our joy to teach partner dancing creatively and playfully our students come to know the sheer joy, laughter and fun of dancing together. (Besides, dancing makes you smarter.)

Dance for Joy! gives dance lessons in Swing, West Coast Swing, Waltz and more in Seattle. We are committed to bringing the delight of holding hands and dancing the night away to you through group dance classes, private dance lessons, dance workshops and dance events. Come play with us!


Lilli Ann and Claire Carey demonstrate Shadow Waltz, from their upcoming Shadow Waltz class. For more on events and workshops, or if you'd like us to teach for your group, send Lilli Ann an email!

Classes return with Waltz Mastery: 5 sessions of Intermediate and Advanced Waltz classes

6-week classes
Wednesdays 8:15-9:30. Class begins promptly at 8:15.
NEW LOCATION! Nest, 6600 1st Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98115.

  • Session 1: Cross-step Waltz — Sept 12th – Oct 17th
  • Session 2: Rotary Waltz — Nov 7th–Dec 12th
  • Session 3: Cross-step Waltz — Jan 16th–Feb 20th
  • Session 4: ShadowWaltz — Feb 27–Apr 3rd
  • Shadow Waltz is side-by-side waltzing. Both partners face forward and a tiny foot fudge by the leads leads to magic! The shapes of these moves are interesting, visually beautiful, socially leadable and very flexible. We will teach entrances and exits from the shadow variations and add to your repertoire with moves and styling you can’t wait to take to the dance floor.

  • Session 5: Cross-step Waltz — Swing in 3/4 Time (Int/Adv) — Apr 17th–May 22nd
  • In this session, we will fuse East and West together with Cross-step Waltz. Moves that you may know in Swing will be combined with the float and flow of 3/4 time. Knowledge of the Cross-step basic and basic moves required. (A knowledge of WCS is not needed.) Look for an exciting new session!

Waltz taught by waltz experts

Lilli Ann and Claire, a mother and daughter teaching team of over 10 years, are recently back from teaching in Fairbanks and Russia and will be teaching in Portland the end of March.

For more info see our Classes page.

New class location at the beautiful sun-drenched dance studio Nest.

Dance classes now at eXit SPACE—theNest!

Dance classes are now at theNest, a beautiful sun-drenched studio at 6600 1st Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98115. See you there!

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“Lilli Ann...our waltz class has been more than I expected. You are ingenious in teaching how to lead and follow. Have attended a few classes over the years, and never received such good info. That really is just what I needed, after dancing for so many years with one partner. Looking forward to the next series and plan to go for the Swing class, also. Kay is having a fabulous time, too. Thanks so much.” —B Johnson

“Lilli Ann, one of the dancers here… Francine, was singing your praises the other day after having attended the Richard Powers workshop in Seattle...she went on at length about your skill as a teacher and dancer, and was amazed and very grateful at/for all she had learned from you....very appreciative...just heaping truckloads of praise on you... she was impressed with Richard Powers, but went on and on about you... of course, I already know how wonderful you are, so just sat there smiling and nodding as she gave you the highest compliments... atta girl! Hope you and yours are well… ” —Ron

“Lilli Ann and Claire are an enthusiastic and professional team. Their workshops have something for everybody — a clear introduction to the basics for the beginners, while at the same time challenging the more advanced dancers. Cross-step Waltz is a gorgeous dance, and they do a fabulous job of teaching it.” —Marion Newvelant, Random Waltz, Portland, OR

About the Christmas Ball...

“The Ball was wonderful last night... beautiful dancers, great music, dear friends, scrumptious desserts, and a delightful hostess. Thank you, Lilli Ann Carey for creating this event. xo ” —Marlene

“Lilli Ann (and Paul, who generously helped finance the event), thank you so much for all the time, work and love that went into creating the Ball last night. It was such a beautiful evening, I’m glad I took lots of photos to remember the event. There were so many special moments to the evening and I especially liked the send off with the little bells of joy! Nicely done! ~Thanks again, ” —Wendy

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