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Partner Dance Instruction in Waltz, Swing, and Blues in Seattle | Workshops


Sunday, March 26: Fusion Blues, The Art of Slow Dancing

Swedish Cultural Center 1920 Dexter Ave N, 3:30–5:30pm

Love those slow songs but weary of the high school hug/drape version? In our Blues Fusion workshop, we explore musicality as the source of our dancing! Like any artist, we’ll teach you to use music like the colors on a palette and connection like the canvas to make every blues dance a unique creation between you and your partner. Starting with basic rhythms, we’ll slowly work you up to listening to the tone and lyrics of many different kinds of songs. We’ll also take moves from other dances, adapt them to Fusion Blues.

Sunday, March 26: Intro Zydeco

Swedish Cultural Center 1920 Dexter Ave N, 6–8pm

We’ll begin with the basics of both open and closed position for the hot SW Louisiana two-step dance called Zydeco and then build on, adding moves and styling. The music is hard-driving and playful roots music with elements of Cajun, Blues, Rock ‘n Roll and Afro-Caribbean rhythms. The dance creates beautiful connection and yet allows for inspired individual play and freedom. There’s a good reason it’s popular from coast to coast! Prerequisite: None.

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“Everything about the beginning ‘Bridge’ Waltz Class was excellent: the coherent and well-planned approach, more attention to follows than we are used to, and having both instructors watch and analyze what was happening and then step in to help. I liked that there was time for repetition, so things could settle into body memory — that’s hard to find as part of dance classes. I was so glad you didn’t try to teach more than a few moves, but instead focused on how to lead, follow, and connect — things that help in any dance. After all, connecting is the reason to dance with someone else, otherwise I’d just go dance alone!” Amy H.

“Dear Lilli Ann, we are both enjoying the classes. We have taken a few other dance classes in past years, and we appreciate the things we have received in our other classes, but there is no doubt in our minds that your classes are the best organized, best taught and most enjoyable we have experienced. Thanks.” —Scott Henrickson

“Lilli Ann and Claire are an enthusiastic and professional team. Their workshops have something for everybody — a clear introduction to the basics for the beginners, while at the same time challenging the more advanced dancers. Cross-step Waltz is a gorgeous dance, and they do a fabulous job of teaching it.” —Marion Newvelant, Random Waltz, Portland, OR

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